Toyota sent a boat without an ICE to a six-year voyage

Toyota sent a boat without an ICE to a six-year voyage

July 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A boat called the Energy Observer, which does not have traditional internal combustion engines, went to a six-year voyage. The project is sponsored by Toyota: the European division provides all of its functioning, and the French one – provides the crew with cars for trips during the descent to the shore.

The boat was built in 1983 by designer Nigel Airens. Since then, it has been rebuilt several times. To participate in the six-year voyage, the boat was prepared by 30 people, including ship engineers and designers. The length of the Energy Observer is 30.5 meters, width – 12.8 meters, weight – 28 tons. In six years the ship will visit 50 countries and stop at 101 ports.

Instead of traditional ICE, Energy Observer is equipped with several power plants that process the energy of the sun, wind and waves.

For example, a boat can receive hydrogen by electrolysis of sea water. It is compressed, stored in tanks and can be used to power a power plant on fuel cells. This is an environmentally friendly type of fuel, with the processing of which the only exhaust is water.

During the trip, the crew will remove an eight-part documentary, which will be shown on the French channel Plan├Ęte +. Also, the stages of swimming will be covered in social networks.

In 2020, the Energy Observer crew will visit Tokyo to attend the opening of the Olympic Games.