Toyota revealed its concepts in Tokyo, including a flying broomstick

Toyota revealed its concepts in Tokyo, including a flying broomstick

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese company Toyota introduced several interesting and unusual concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show. The flying broom on electric traction was especially distinguished.

The prototype, resembling a broom, was called e-broom. It looks like her for a reason, because the authors of the idea were just inspired by a flying broom, on which witches moved in fairy tales and cartoons. According to designers, this project should combine transport and people in order to get the most out of mobility. True, the Japanese company Toyota did not say exactly how this will happen.

Also, the Japanese created and presented several more concepts. For example, a mobile unmanned ambulance that allows a person to undergo a medical examination right on the way to the hospital. The concept, called e-Care, passes the patient’s data to the doctor, and he can talk with the patient right during his trip.

The e-4me concept car, in the cabin of which there is only one place for landing, is a mobile platform with virtual reality function. It is reported that the passenger can use it as he wants, creating from it both a wardrobe and a gym.

Also presented is an unmanned racing concept car simulator e-Racer, where everyone can feel like a professional racer. Thanks to high technology, the development picks up a special racing suit for a person, and digital glasses help to plunge into the atmosphere of the track, feel your presence there.

The Japanese automaker took care of the environment. Toyota introduced mobile charging for electric vehicles – the e-Chargeair concept. In addition to a power source for the city or car, it can also serve as a mobile Wi-Fi and air purifier.

 The company also introduced the LQ concept that is close to date. The car was equipped with a fourth-level autopilot and trained artificial intelligence, called Yui. He is able to analyze traffic situations and inform the driver and passengers about the current situation around, traffic jams, etc. And thanks to the digital micromirror device, Yui can communicate with people outside the cabin.

A little earlier, Toyota announced the start of sales of its cheapest crossover Yaris LX. In the Chinese market, the novelty appeared in three trim levels available for purchase.