Toyota retained the title of the most expensive car brand in the world

Toyota retained the title of the most expensive car brand in the world

June 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker regained the title of the most expensive brand, having won first place at Tesla, though by its own methods of British analysts.

According to Kantar analysts, the value of the Japanese brand in 2020 reached $ 28.39 billion, which is $ 7 billion more than the nearest pursuer, Mercedes-Benz, valued at $ 21.35 billion.

The top three closes BMW with a value of $ 20.52 billion. But the American Tesla was already in fourth place with 11.35 billion dollars. The five leaders were closed by Ford, which was estimated at 10.07 billion dollars.

The top ten most expensive automakers also included Honda ($ 9.974 billion), Nissan ($ 8.658 billion), Audi ($ 7.334 billion), Volkswagen ($ 6.462 billion) and Porsche ($ 5.606 billion).

Note that in this case we are not talking about the market capitalization of the company. Kantar estimates brand value using its own methodology, which includes, among other things, extensive consumer surveys and in-depth financial analytics.

Earlier, we reported that the price of Tesla shares could soon soar – by the end of this year they would be asking for more than 1 thousand dollars apiece. It is worth noting that the price already includes all user expectations regarding sales growth.

It also became known that Tesla became the antileader of the car quality rating by taking part in the study for the first time. The brand counted 250 problems per hundred cars.