Toyota registered the trade names 86 GR, Yaris GR

Toyota registered the trade names 86 GR, Yaris GR

September 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of the Japanese automaker – Toyota, applied for the registration of new trademarks in the territory of Europe. It is about 86 GR, as well as Yaris GR. It is reported that the automaker registered both names in the Swiss Trademark Office on September 18, 2018.

GR is an abbreviation of Gazoo Racing, which the Toyota brand positions as its sports division. “Charged” versions of cars with the prefix GR are planned to be sold mainly for Europe. It is reported that the automaker intends to offer 3 levels of increase in the power of its conventional models.

GR Sport will become a basic performance – these cars will receive minor suspension settings and sporting trim. Intermediate version will be GR – they will receive more significant technical upgrades than the version of GR Sport. Finally, the most powerful modifications will be those that will receive the GRMN prefix. The recently released Toyota Yaris GRMN is the first car that demonstrates what to expect from a similar car (a substantially modernized transmission, suspension and braking system).

Do not be surprised if Toyota releases a new generation of the legendary Supra in a powerful performance of GRMN. CEO of Gazoo Racing and chief engineer Supra Tetsuy Tada has twice said that his team is currently working on a hardcore model.

As he noted in his recent interview with Top Gear, “at some point I would like to make a limited version of the ultra-powerful Supra sports car, which would get extremely low weight.”

The current plans of the company to create powerful models – a new generation of the old legend Supra, as well as the development of the Gazoo Racing brand do not equivocally indicate that Toyota again plans to become a strong player in the high-performance car market.