Toyota recalls Alphard and Vellfire

Toyota recalls Alphard and Vellfire

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A problem has been identified with accelerated battery discharge caused by errors in the engine control unit software. The defect is not massive, however, needs a quick fix.

oyota Motor has announced the recall of 23,833 Alphard and Vellfire and Japan models. We are talking about cars of the current generation, produced between December 13, 2017 and April 25, 2019. Alphard is also offered in select markets outside of Japan, but there is no evidence yet that recall will be conducted outside of Japan.

It has been established that in some cases the car battery is subject to accelerated discharge. This is due to incorrect start-stop operation when the engine is off. There are errors in the software of the engine control unit due to which the battery is drastically discharged when the energy consumption should be minimal. Apparently, the defect does not always manifest itself, but depends on certain conditions that are not separately described in the published recall message.

To fix the problem, the engine control unit is reprogrammed. The battery is diagnosed, if necessary, it will be completely replaced at the expense of the automaker. In some cases, when it comes to the batteries being serviced, they will replace the electrolyte.

In Japan, at least 27 cases of the manifestation of the described defect have been confirmed. None of them were injured, and the negative effect was minimal. The worst situations were when, due to a depleted battery, restarting the engine was not possible when the start-stop system was triggered. In some cases, it was impossible to start the engine after parking.