Toyota RAV4 successfully retakes the “moose test”

Toyota RAV4 successfully retakes the “moose test”

October 3, 2019 1 By autotimesnews

Recently on the Web there was news about the failure of the elk test with the new Toyota RAV4. The tests were carried out by the Norwegian edition, and is one of the important safety tests. In a new attempt, the model successfully completed the test.

The Elk Test is a classic safety test that can demonstrate the ability of a vehicle to stay within a lane during a sharp dodge maneuver. Last time, the new RAV4 failed the test. But a fresh test from the Norwegian edition of Dinside completely rehabilitated the new crossover.

According to experts, in the new test, the crossover worthily overcame a sharp rebuilding maneuver at speeds up to 65 km / h. For this, a hybrid version with a full load was used. No handling issues were noted.

But at a speed of 70 km / h, grip began to get lost, and the car included a stability control system. The maximum speed of passing the Elk Test was 76 km / h.

Similar results were shown by Kia e-Soul, Volkswagen T-Cross and BMW M135i xDrive.