Toyota RAV4 fails moose test again

Toyota RAV4 fails moose test again

December 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish specialists of the Teknikens Värld magazine brought the Toyota RAV4 rechargeable hybrid cross to the “moose test”.

The model went into a very deep skid, and the maneuver was successfully performed at a very low speed – only 63 km / h. For the minimum speed of a good result, the journalists took 70 km / h. But even at 68 km / h, the Japanese car shows an extremely deep skid with an exit from the corridor formed by the cones. At the same time, a gradual decrease in speed also did not guarantee a successful test.

“The stabilization systems seem to work at all. The rear part of the car goes into a skid, while the situation can be saved only by decisive actions of the driver behind the wheel. We don’t really believe in what just happened. At 68 km / h there is no chance to drive through the cones, ”- said a specialist from a foreign agency.

The testers rated the model’s steering very low and do not advise purchasing the car until the Japanese company reports on corrective work. According to experts, for a beginner driving a Toyota RAV4 in a situation similar to the “moose test”, everything can end in disaster.

In addition, some time ago, the characteristics of the hydrogen Toyota Mirai became known. It should be emphasized that this model of the Japanese automobile manufacturer is based on the proprietary architecture of the Toyota GA-L.