Toyota RAV4 crossovers found a problem with the fuel tank

Toyota RAV4 crossovers found a problem with the fuel tank

December 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

About the malfunction that prevents the owners from properly fueling their cars, told foreign media.

Owners of Toyota RAV4 Hybrid crossovers of the 2019 model year may face a problem associated with fuel tanks, writes the foreign publication Automotive News. The automaker himself said that this malfunction is associated with a changed shape of the fuel tank, which prevents its full filling. The brand is currently investigating this issue. At the same time, the media reported on numerous complaints from car owners who had already encountered such a breakdown.

 Many of them say that they can not refuel their crossover for more than 9-11 gallons. And this despite the fact that the fuel tank itself is rated at 14.5 gallons.

┬áThis difference in numbers negates one of the main advantages of the Toyota RAV4 hybrid – its efficiency. Recall that the declared fuel consumption of an environmentally friendly version of the crossover is 5.7 l / 100 km in the city, 6.4 l / 100 km on the highway and 6 l / 100 km in the combined cycle. This is much less than the usual RAV4 consumes, as well as its main competitors, among which experts call the Nissan Rogue Hybrid.