Toyota Racing Development introduced body kit packages for the new Prius

Toyota Racing Development introduced body kit packages for the new Prius

December 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Although Toyota’s most popular hybrid has a controversial design, and stands out for its uniqueness rather than attractiveness, the TRD division has its own opinion. Aerodynamic body kit is already available in Japan and will soon go to other countries.

Only recently, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, we saw the updated Toyota Prius 2019 model year, and already Toyota Racing Development tried to make its own changes. It is difficult to challenge the fact that a hybrid car is not sporty, fast or powerful, but there is a rather big category of owners who want a more aggressive design, which they presented to us in TRD.

Toyota’s sports division did not make any changes to the balanced mechanics of the car (for which the Prius is popular all over the world), but we were presented with a real aerodynamic body kit, designed using analysis of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel. So the model will become faster (quite a bit) and more economical.

The kit will include many different parts that can be purchased individually or as a package. Judging by the photos, we will be offered new bumpers, door sills, door handles, a diffuser on the roof and rear bumper, as well as a functional wing and a whole set of light-alloy wheels from 15 to 18 inches.

The cost, unfortunately, has not yet been reported, and a full catalog of parts will be presented at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.