Toyota published photos of the new GR Yaris

Toyota published photos of the new GR Yaris

January 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Images were posted on Twitter by the Japanese automaker. A car can be brought to the US car market.

Japanese automaker Toyota posted photos of the new GR Yaris on its Twitter account for the United States. However, this step does not mean that the new product will soon appear on the US car market – Toyota officials made such a statement. Note, the powerful version of the Toyota GR Yaris hatchback was officially introduced in January of this year. The car has excellent characteristics – the power of the power plant reaches 257 horsepower. The machine also has four drive wheels with a weight of only 1,280 kilograms. Such indicators provide excellent acceleration dynamics and the ability to gain high maximum speed.

With the development of Toyota GR Yaris, the Japanese company went the wrong way today and made a compact sports car. Many believe that this move will bring success to the model, at least in the European and Japanese markets.

 It is worth noting that the Americans really liked the car, and a petition has already been created with a request to bring the car to the United States. At the moment, 15,700 signatures have already been collected. The main difficulty lies in the need to go through a complex certification procedure, which will significantly increase the cost of the car.