Toyota Prius regains leadership in the Japanese market

Toyota Prius regains leadership in the Japanese market

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

16 months this popular hybrid could not take first place in Japan, but following the results of sales in April, it was not only able to rise to the first line, but also do it with a noticeable margin.

The data for April is published by the Japanese Automobile Dealers Association (JADA). The unexpected jump, which made the Prius, recently barely hit the top three, is associated with the update that the car received in December 2018. There are no other obvious reasons for the growth in demand. In April, 11,059 Toyota Prius were sold in Japan, which is 132% of the same month last year. None of the models in the Top-10 showed a similar increase. It is worth noting that in the first months of the year, the Prius had the worst sales figures compared to the same period last year.

Toyota Aqua has the second place, but the result is only 7,764 cars and 82% of April 2018. The Toyota Vitz – 7,437 cars closes the top three unexpectedly. The leader of the previous months, Nissan Note dropped to 4th place with a score of 7,405 cars, but the backlog from Aqua and Vitz is formal. The same can be said about Toyota Corolla on the fifth line (7 335).

Places from 6 to 10 occupied, respectively, Toyota Roomy (7,143), Toyota Sienta (6,999), Honda Fit (6777), Toyota Voxy (6590) and Honda Freed (6304).

Surprise was the elimination of the top 10 minivan Nissan Serena.

In the keycar segment without changes: the unconditional and absolutely inaccessible leader is still the Honda N-BOX – 19,396 cars. The result of Suzuki Spacia is in second place – 12,529, and Daihatsu Tanto is in third place – 11,628 cars.

It is worth noting the entry into the Top 10 K-cars of another Honda model of the N family – this is N-WGN in 10th place with the result of 3,930 cars, as well as a rollback from 2nd to 5th place in Nissan DAYZ (9513).