Toyota Prius received a six-barreled machine gun

Toyota Prius received a six-barreled machine gun

November 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Hybrid Toyota Prius equipped with six-barreled aircraft gun from fighter F22

The company Black Cifle Coffee Company (BRCC), specializing in the production of coffee, introduced a special version of the Toyota Prius. The firm, which belongs to veterans of the US armed forces, decided to install on the machine a 20-mm rapid-fire six-barreled aircraft gun with a rotating barrel unit called the M61 Vulcan.

Such a machine gun is mounted on fighter F16, F18 and F22. One cartridge for a gun costs $ 27. Thus, continuous shooting for two minutes will cost $ 2,970.

To retool the Toyota Prius took more than 160 hours. Engineers had to completely change the interior of the car. It is noted that the metal frame, which is installed on the roof, is suitable for attaching any heavy weapons.

The fourth-generation Prius made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show at the end of 2015, and appeared on the global market in 2016. The design of the car is made in the same futuristic style as the hydrogen model Mirai, working on fuel cells. The power plant of the new Prius consists of a gasoline engine of 1.8 liters (98 hp) and an electric motor (72 hp), and the total return is 122 horsepower.