Toyota Prius gets ambiguous tuning from the studio Liberty Walk

Toyota Prius gets ambiguous tuning from the studio Liberty Walk

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Toyota Prius phrases and tuning studio can be used together, just like mashed potatoes and gasoline from your lawn mower. This is an awkward situation in which we are in relation to this Toyota Prius, which wears a body kit from the well-known Japanese tuning company Liberty Walk.

Anyone familiar with the work of the studio Liberty Walk, knows that some of the proposals of the company can be quite crazy. In fact, it may even fit into our definition of “skillfully,” as mentioned above in our mash metaphor.

In the end, the main task of the Prius is fuel saving compared to all other cars, the car did not receive massive wings or an overly wide body kit. An aggressive front with side skirts and a diffuser rear are a “lightweight” body kit, and a modest roof spoiler.

  The car shown here also rides on a lower suspension, a modified set of wheels and tires, which seem to redefine the term “low profile.” Overall, this is not an unattractive upgrade, although admittedly, the Toyota Prius has never been a truly attractive car. In total, Liberty Walk estimates this update for a Japanese eco-friendly car at $ 7,900. The company also sells each component separately.

  In our experience, Toyota Prius buyers are not the ones who are looking for such automotive enhancements. But still I do not dare to say that this set of styling and tuning will not have buyers.