Toyota presented a new Tundra to a rescued nurse. As promised

Toyota presented a new Tundra to a rescued nurse. As promised

November 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The story of Ellina Pierce, an employee of the intensive care unit at the Adventist Health Hospital in the California Paradise, who took her patients out of the city engulfed in a private car, was continued. The American office of Toyota kept the promise and, for showing courage, presented the brave with a brand-new Tundra.

Pierce published a photo of both cars in his Instagram, accompanying her with the words: “Today, Toyota USA has allowed me to see the people behind the brand’s logo. We shook hands, talked and hugged each other. Those sincerity and sympathy are demonstrated at the level of the individual. These people showed who they really are, suddenly appearing in Chico with food for members of the fire brigades and the National Guard. I can’t help being proud to be associated with this couple. ”

According to journalists, during a fire that almost destroyed the city of Paradise, Pierce returned to the hospital to evacuate the remaining patients, as well as remove some equipment and medicines. Together with another medical staff, he organized an assembly point at the helicopter landing site, and later took people out of the burning city.

After the rescue, Pierce posted photos on his Instagram account of his Tundra, sometimes burnt and with molten plastic parts. In the commentary, Toyota’s American office thanked Pierce for courage and promised to donate a new pickup.