Toyota presented a commercial version of the Yaris hatchback for the European car market

Toyota presented a commercial version of the Yaris hatchback for the European car market

July 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A hybrid Japanese model Toyota Yaris transforms into a commercial vehicle for the European market.

The new Toyota Yaris ECOVan has already been put up for sale in European showrooms. The popular Toyota hybrid SUV turns into a quirky and interesting commercial vehicle. It boasts ECO markings and a large cargo area.

The long-awaited comprehensive reconstruction of this commercial vehicle with a self-recharging hybrid mechanics was presented to the society. The basis for the novelty was the fourth generation Toyota Yaris, which stormed the market in the middle of last year. Toyota emphasizes that this is the only hybrid in the commercial passenger car segment.

The interior of the new Yaris ECOVan has been redesigned to provide a larger cargo area and the ability to function as urban freight transport.

On the body flaunts the eco-label ECO from DGT, allowing you to freely move around major European cities.

The second generation Yaris ECOVan is N1 Van homologated. Externally, it looks the same as the other variants of the Yaris line. However, if you look at the interior, it is completely different from pillar B. This is where the transformation begins, turning it into a commercial vehicle.

There are no rear seats in the interior. There is a partition between the front seats and the new cargo space. The luggage compartment volume is 720 liters with a maximum length of 1242.8 mm between the bulkhead and the end of the trunk. The minimum width reaches 866.8 mm, and the height from floor to ceiling is 694.8 mm. The total weight for transportation can be up to 430 kg.

The transformation process can be presented in two Yaris finishes. These are the Business Plus and Active Tech versions. Regardless of the selected configuration, the model will have a Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen, automatic climate control, a rain sensor, 15-inch alloy wheels, optics with intelligent high-beam control, a rear view camera, etc.

The sale of the new Yaris ECOVan is already underway at Spanish dealers. Yaris Business Plus is on sale for 22,050 euros. Yaris Active version available Tech for 22,950 euros

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