Toyota MR2 can revive as an electric car

Toyota MR2 can revive as an electric car

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The triumphant return of the Japanese sports car can take place in 2024. The model fits perfectly into the line of Toyota sports cars.

The Toyota MR2 sports car, produced by Toyota from 1984 to 2007, can return to the market in the form of a light and agile sports car and, possibly, with an electric motor under the hood. All were released three generations of the legendary roadster with a mid-engine layout. The last one appeared in the early 2000s. This car was equipped with a 138-strong 1.8-liter four-cylinder, combined with 6MKPP. The mass of the sports car reached 980 kilograms, and the first 100 kph of such MR2 gained 7.5 seconds.

The fact that the MR2 will fill the gap in the line of sports cars, said the president of Toyota Corporation Akio Toyoda: “We have a new Supra, Toyota 86 is behind Celica, which leaves one gap in this list: MR2.”

Autoexperts do not exclude that when working on a revived Toyota MR2, another alliance will be formed. Recall, the company developed the new Supra, along with engineers BMW, Toyota 86 – with Subaru. If the electric Toyota MR2 still becomes a reality, then it will have very few competitors. In the next five years, the Boxster and Cayman will be electing to do Porsche, but the Toyota MR2 will be cheaper. The emergence of new products are waiting for the 2024th year. And its value is estimated at a minimum of $ 45,000.