Toyota leadership demands change from Lexus

Toyota leadership demands change from Lexus

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A premium brand should reconsider its views.

Lexus is currently working on several new products, as well as updating existing ones, including the next-generation LS, IS and Toyota Yaris Cross crossover. This may seem like a busy schedule, but Toyota Motor North America’s new CEO Ted Ogawa has acknowledged that premium brands need to rethink their plans.

Ogawa also noted that the luxury car market in the United States is now very fierce because many brands rely on aggressive discount strategies. In addition, German brands have much more products and a significantly lower pace, which makes it difficult to find such customers. According to the manager, the solution may be the appearance of new products and cost competitiveness.

“Therefore, we need to change the market for luxury goods, which was not easy for us. Customers rely on the quality of our products, but dealers have problems with cadence. I can improve the product and cadence because they are in my hands. But I can’t control the market, so it’s very difficult, and I don’t have the right answer yet, ”Ogawa said.

One interesting topic that Ogawa briefly discussed during the interview was the future of the Toyota Land Cruiser, which currently seems uncertain. He acknowledged that Toyota dealers across the country “really want a nameplate,” but no final decision has yet been made.