Toyota launches car rental and rental services

Toyota launches car rental and rental services

October 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Motor has announced the deployment in Japan of Toyota Share, a car sharing service provided by Toyota dealers and Toyota rental and leasing branches, as well as Chokunori, a new unmanned car rental service. Services are available from October 28th.

According to the corporation’s press center, Toyota will provide a wide range of mobility services to meet the various needs of customers who want to move from owning a machine to operating it. Toyota has been conducting verification tests, mostly in Tokyo, of Toyota Share services since January 2019 and Chokunori since May 2019.

In the future, services will gradually expand, with a focus on Toyota dealers and brand rental and leasing departments as they become available.

 With the advent of Toyota Share and Chokunori as a complement to the brand’s car rental services, Toyota is committed to responding to an even wider range of operating needs, giving customers the opportunity to use different vehicles effortlessly, enriching their automotive lifestyle and increasing the number of car enthusiasts.

 Toyota Share service gives everyone the opportunity to choose a car and take it for short-term rent through a mobile application, the maximum period of which does not exceed 14 days. Price starts from 200 yen per 15 minutes rental. A large line of auto brands is offered, including compact cars, minivans and SUVs.

  Toyota is going to expand the model line even further, adding new models in the future. It is worth noting that all the cars offered for rent have safety features that enable customers to easily move around on vehicles.