Toyota Land Cruiser turned into an armored limousine

Toyota Land Cruiser turned into an armored limousine

May 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Specialists of the Belgian company Carat Duchatelet made the Land Cruiser 200 a real bulletproof limousine. The armored SUV was shown on Tuesday, May 19th.

The Japanese car was extended by 50 cm. The car was turned into a limousine using classical technology, cutting the body and frame in two and making inserts.

  Significant changes affected the interior of the SUV. The rear row of seats was separated using a partition with an integrated TV. The interior was finished with natural wood veneer, Alcantara and quilted leather. Behind it is worth noting the presence of tables and an increased number of cup holders.

 The company offers a choice of 2 degrees of protection: B6 and B7. Both classes can withstand shelling with machine guns and rifles with a bullet caliber of up to 7.85 mm. Of course, experts worked on the suspension and brakes so that these systems could cope with significantly increased weight.

 The cost of a bulletproof SUV is not called: the price is reported to each client individually.

 In addition, it was previously noted that Toyota introduced a new generation Venza crossover. The car is built on the TNGA platform.