Toyota Land Cruiser predicted an early departure in history

Toyota Land Cruiser predicted an early departure in history

August 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This concerns only the American market so far, but, given its importance for Toyota, the consequences for the world-famous SUV may not be encouraging. There is no official decision yet, but the American press has already written that this generation of Land Cruiser is the latest, at least in the US market.

It seems unlikely at the moment that Toyota will easily part with a model with a similar status: perhaps not a single car of this brand has a similar image, combining reliability, comfort and off-road qualities. If you take a closer look at how Land Cruiser is in the United States, the statement voiced by Motor Trend does not seem absurd. The reason is simple – Land Cruiser is very expensive, and it is practically not bought.

Last year, Toyota sold just 3,235 Land Cruiser in the US market, and 1,877 in the first half of this year. This is one of the worst results in Toyota’s North American lineup. Buyers simply do not understand why they should pay at least $ 85,165 for Land Cruiser, which is almost 35,000 more than they ask for Sequoia. At the same time, the current generation Land Cruiser is one of the oldest models in the Toyota lineup. For comparison, the technical twin LX 570, under the more prestigious Lexus brand, costs almost the same – from 86,380.

The buyer chooses a more prestigious brand. Keeping two virtually identical models for Toyota is not profitable, so with the change of generations in 2022, it is likely to remain the strongest. In the USA, it will definitely be the Lexus LX, but it is too early to speak about other markets: in many countries they have been well aware of what Toyota Land Cruiser is for decades and may not have a clue about the Lexus LX.