Toyota Land Cruiser 79 turned into an armored car

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 turned into an armored car

November 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The South African company SVI presented an armored car based on the Japanese off-road vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser 79, which is called the Max 3. On Thursday, November 19, the CarsWeek portal informs about this, based on the press center of the company.

The armored car looks very different from the Land Cruiser 79. So, it has an overall radiator grille, non-standard headlights, a protected body and rear hinged doors. SVI offers the vehicle in a two-seat or eight-seat body configuration, as well as left-hand or right-hand drive.

The Max 3 has B6 protection as standard, so it can withstand 7.62 x 49mm AK47 bullets. In addition, the vehicle has 38 mm thick armored glass and steel plates. The Max 3 is also available with B7 class armor and explosion protection, so the vehicle can withstand AP rounds. In South Africa, the purchase of such an armored model requires a special permit from the government, and usually only security firms or government agencies can obtain it.

You can also order a full military version of the Max 3, which has mounts for a 50 caliber machine gun and mortars. As noted in SVI, for the installation of armor, they upgraded the factory suspension of the Land Cruiser. At the same time, the armored car still has the original engine and transmission from Toyota.

The Max 3 starts at RR 1.6 million. SVI says it takes three months to convert a Japanese SUV into an armored vehicle.

In addition, some time ago it became known that the Toyota Wildlander crossover has become a rechargeable hybrid. It should be emphasized that this model of the Japanese manufacturer is capable of driving approximately 63 km only on electric traction.