Toyota Land Cruiser 70 turned into an electric car for mines

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 turned into an electric car for mines

July 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Australian company Voltra has built an electric SUV based on the old Land Cruiser. The car was commissioned by the mining corporation BHP – it is planned to use it at the uranium deposit in the southern part of Australia.

The car is built on the basis of a truck Toyota Land Cruiser 79 with a single cab. The car lost a 4.5-liter diesel eight-cylinder engine and gearbox – their place was taken by an electric power unit. It includes a 90-horsepower electric motor (in the peak it can produce up to 141 hp) and a set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 42.2 kilowatt-hours.

Land Cruiser has retained the brand-new all-wheel drive. In this case, the car received a system of energy recovery during braking.

The car will be tested as part of a pilot program to reduce the level of harmful substances in mines and in production. If the car turns out to be sufficiently convenient and reliable, BHP can order the construction of a whole fleet of similar electric cars.

In the Voltra claim that the park of such electric vehicles will be able to reduce the company’s costs by 10-20 percent.