Toyota is working on a new generation Sienna

Toyota is working on a new generation Sienna

March 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first test sample was photographed on road tests, but it still gives a very remote idea of ​​the new product, since it is a “mule”: an old body “stretched” onto a new chassis to test its parameters.

Despite the fact that there is no possibility to judge about the exterior of the fourth generation Sienna, something about the parameters of the car can be assumed – such a possibility is provided by the current body on the new chassis. Sienna model of 2021 will be built on an extended version of the global Toyota TNGA platform. The car will be different increased wheelbase, as well as a longer rear overhang – this is clearly seen in the photo. In addition, the new Sienna will be wider than the current – this is noticeable by the way the wheels are installed, almost going beyond the boundaries of the arches.

Another distinctive point is the mounting scheme of the side mirrors on the doors, rather than a rack, like the current Sienna.

The third generation Sienna was published in 2010. It needs to be replaced, even taking into account the fact that the segment of minivans is going through hard times. All major competitors have already been updated, and many of them Sienna significantly inferior in many ways, including efficiency, cabin space and equipment security systems. For example, the current generation of Sienna is already very difficult to compete with the new Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica, especially for power plants.

There is no information about which engines the new minivan will receive. There is a high probability that the current petrol V6 will remain in a modernized form, but the appearance of a hybrid version is also very likely.

It is expected that the fourth generation Sienna will enter the market in 2021, but they can already show a novelty within the next year.