Toyota is working on a new battery for hybrid cars

Toyota is working on a new battery for hybrid cars

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Development began in connection with the increase in the number of hybrid cars on the market, as well as their modernization.

Toyota is working to create new batteries for hybrid cars. Developed jointly by Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Industries Corporation. At the same time, corporations want to think over a strategy for several years to come. First, the models that will need new batteries will be determined and the design phase will begin on the basis of them. Recently, in the world the demand for cars with hybrid power plants is growing rapidly, and Toyota is one of the leaders in this segment.

To meet the demand, Toyota will set up production of batteries for hybrid cars at two plants at once – Toyota Industries in Kiowa and its own factory in Aichi Prefecture.

 The main objective is to create the most high-tech batteries that would help to increase the popularity of electrified cars and reduce CO2 emissions.