Toyota is working on a “hot” GR Corolla station wagon

Toyota is working on a “hot” GR Corolla station wagon

February 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Such messages began to come from Japan: there Internet users are already in full swing discussing the prospects for such a Toyota model. True, all this is still at the level of rumors.

The German company has created a “charged” Volkswagen Golf R station wagon and is not complaining. This model has found its buyer. The Japanese, according to rumors, conceived to present not only the fastest GR Corolla hatchback, but also a sports station wagon. True, it is not known whether the novelty will receive the status of a global model or will remain “home”.

The company itself carefully conceals its plans regarding a station wagon with the GR prefix (based on the Corolla or not), if any. The GR Yaris project was very successful, so it is possible that the Japanese will want to repeat the successful launch. The Japanese portal Scoop Spyder7 adds fuel to the fire, claiming that a five-door GR station wagon will be unveiled in the near future.

It will be so spacious that you can easily change your wardrobe in it, and four-legged pets will be comfortable in it. The novelty is predicted to be a 1.6-liter engine from GR Yaris, working in conjunction with a 6MKPP and an all-wheel drive system.

The information that has appeared on the Web about the development of a fast Corolla station wagon on the “mechanics” of fans of cars with a roof length will please, but it should be treated with a grain of healthy skepticism.

In any case, the Japanese will not keep the intrigue for a long time if the reports about the “charged” GR Corolla Wagon are true.