Toyota is testing its new electric car

Toyota is testing its new electric car

October 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric Toyota eQ was discovered at the TKM Bidadi plant in Karnataka.

Toyota eQ was seen in India for the first time. In the image that came to our editorial staff, the main focus is on the Toyota Mirai, but next to it you can see the electric model Toyota eQ. This photo was taken at the TKM factory in Bidadi, located in the state of Karnataka, and shows that cars are parked along a number of Toyota production cars.

Although the Japanese electric car has never been featured before and was seen at the Bidadi plant, it is a rather old model based on a platform that was not localized in India.

    “We already have an electric car called eQ, and we use it in our factory. But we are not ready to launch it yet, ”said Shekar Viswanathan, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Developed back in September 2012, the eQ electric car is essentially an all-electric vehicle developed on the basis of the Toyota iQ, and is intended for use by local authorities, as well as some selected customers in Japan and the United States. He received a Panasonic lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 12 kW / h, driving an electric motor that develops a power of 64 hp. and torque of 163 Nm. The maximum speed of a citycar is only 125 km / h, and the power reserve on a fully charged battery is 100 km.