Toyota is preparing to release a budget sports car

Toyota is preparing to release a budget sports car

April 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Patent images of the potential news shared the Dutch edition of AutoWeek. Judging by the images, the car in style is similar to the legendary Audi TT.

Talk about the release of a Toyota sports coupe resumed after the publication of patent images of the model. Information about the potential novelty yet. However, it can be assumed that the model may be a follower of the Toyota S-FR, presented in the form of a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 4 years ago. The length of the Toyota S-FR was 3,990 mm, and the height of 1,320 mm. With very small dimensions of the car had a rear row of seats.

Representatives of the Japanese brand did not disclose information about the engine, however, according to the information that appeared, the power unit with a power of 130 hp should be located under the hood of the S-FR.

The car is distinguished by rear-wheel drive and independent suspension. If you look closely at the patent images of the car, you can note its similarity with the legendary coupe Audi TT or Alpine A110.