Toyota is preparing a novelty with artificial intelligence and voice-controlled autopilot

Toyota is preparing a novelty with artificial intelligence and voice-controlled autopilot

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese manufacturer has not yet disclosed data on the “stuffing” of the LQ concept, but spoke in detail about its equipment.

Toyota at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 introduced the Concept-i, a futuristic car equipped with AI Agent artificial intelligence, UAV functions, as well as an electric motor and battery. Its range was approximately 300 km. The length of the four-seater was 4,510 mm and the wheelbase was 2,700 mm. As it turned out, Toyota continued to work on the project: at the Tokyo Motor Show, in less than a couple of weeks they will present a new concept called LQ.

The wheelbase of the two show cars is the same, and the length of the novelty that Toyota is preparing for the Tokyo Motor Show has grown by 20 mm (up to 4,530 mm). If the first concept was completely “divorced from reality”, the second is already more similar to the current production cars. Although the design and design elements like a transparent “wave” of glass on the doors remained, however, the LQ already has side rear-view mirrors, the doors got traditional handles and open in the usual direction, rather than “up and to the side”, as was the case with the Concept -i. In addition, the usual round steering wheel and dashboard appeared in the cabin.

Toyota equipped the new product with a new version of artificial intelligence, which in Japan was left the name Yui. Yui is able to adjust the car to the individual characteristics of its owner – the driver’s driving style and schedule. The system can provide real-time information to the motorist on topics of interest to him, choose music for the trip, and also will monitor his condition in order to increase his attention or reduce stress depending on the situation. Yui communicates with people in the cabin, including through text and image messages on the door panels.

An innovation of the LQ concept was a digital micromirror device, which was installed in optics. It projects tips on the asphalt for other drivers, for example, warns about a section of a bad road or that an accident has occurred along the route. Toyota LQ was also equipped with an automatic parking lot, which drops the driver and passengers in the place where it is convenient for them, and then the car sets off on its own in search of free parking space. When needed, the car itself will return to the owner. In addition, the concept received a fourth-level autopilot, which allows you to control the car using voice commands (recall, the maximum level of automation is the fifth).

LQ also has a special coating on the radiator fan for air purification: it helps to decompose ozone into oxygen while the car is moving, that is, it reduces the level of smog. In the future, the Japanese manufacturer plans to start using this coating on production models.

The company has not said anything about the “stuffing” Toyota LQ. Most likely, this is also an electric car. Perhaps he still has the same electric motor and the same battery as the Concept-i.

By the way, at the exhibition in Tokyo, Toyota will also present the pre-production concept of the second-generation Mirai hydrogen car. It will go on sale in North America, Europe and Japan at the end of 2020.