Toyota is preparing a major update for the engine I-Force

Toyota is preparing a major update for the engine I-Force

March 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota has filed a patent application to register the I-Force Max trade name. This may mean that the V8 engine, which has been available for ten years in a row, may finally receive a major upgrade.

The Toyota I-Force engine was shown at the beginning of this millennium, when a Japanese company introduced the first iteration of the Tundra pickup in the United States. A full-size pickup truck was offered with many engine options, the most powerful of which was the 4.7-liter I-Force V8. Sequoia, which is a Tundra-based SUV, also used this engine.

Since 2007, the Tundra pickup truck received an updated I-Force engine, the working volume of which rose to 5.7 liters, and the power increased to 381 horsepower (544 Nm).

 The I-Force engine is a force to be reckoned with, as it is considered a highly reliable Japanese brand engine. In addition, some instances of the Tundra truck, which reached a mileage of 1.6 million kilometers, were equipped with the I-Force V8 engine.

Over the years, the I-Force V8 with a number of updates has remained available for Tundra and Sequoia, making it one of the brand’s oldest engines – it has been offered for over ten years now. Needless to say, the I-Force engine is aging and is in dire need of a major upgrade, which we can see in the coming years.

 According to the trademark application, Toyota is registering a new I-Force Max trademark, which will be used for “cars and their structural parts.” It is believed that this is the successor to the I-Force powerplant, which will be offered for the next-generation Tundra pickup.