Toyota is going to launch a brand new crossover

Toyota is going to launch a brand new crossover

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is assumed that the model will take place between the RAV4 and C-HR. While the details are not many, but the model can get all-wheel drive, slightly larger dimensions of the model C-HR, as well as a new price segment.

Toyota has big plans for the near future and is going to present 12 new and updated models within three years. New items will be presented in almost all segments. Some of the new products are already presented, including the Yaris hatchback and the fully rethought Highlander.

 But now it became aware of the company’s desire to replenish the compact crossover segment. This was announced by the head of Toyota North American Group Jack Hollis in an interview with Motor Trend. According to the top manager, sometimes it is more profitable for a brand to release another model of an already occupied segment than to try to occupy a completely new segment.

 “Cars can be represented in one segment, but play in a different price category,” said Jack.

While information about the future of the crossover is not. Most likely, the model will be designed for a young target segment, with a price tag between RAV4 and C-HR. Since C-HR is offered without all-wheel drive, it is logical to assume its presence.

Meanwhile, the first in the last 12 years, the Toyota Yaris GRMN was tested at the Nürburgring. “Charged” hatchback drove the circle of “Green Hell” in just 8 minutes 44.66 seconds.