Toyota invented a flawless auto paint method

Toyota invented a flawless auto paint method

March 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One of the disadvantages of automated paint stations, which are used in the automotive industry, is a significant loss of paint material, reaching 30 – 40%. This happens because of the method of applying paint with an air jet under high pressure.

The inertia that is imparted to the paint particles exceeds their adhesive ability, and they, reflected from the surface, create the same material loss.

Toyota found a solution to the problem. Their innovative method of applying paintwork uses the principle of electrostatic spraying rather than air. In the tips of the coloring device, the place of the nozzles was taken by special rotating nozzles, which supply the paint not by pressure, but by centrifugal force. As a result, paint particles are fed evenly. The tip moves along the surface to be painted at a distance of 10 cm, and the charged paint particle attracts under the influence of an electric field and is distributed evenly over the surface.

 As a result, the quality of the paint is significantly higher than with air spray, the loss of paint is not more than 5%, and the paint systems operating using this technology are less massive and more energy efficient.

 New paint lines are already operating at two Japanese plants. The company is introducing technology in its other factories.