Toyota Hiace has changed its generation for the first time in 15 years

Toyota Hiace has changed its generation for the first time in 15 years

February 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Brand introduced new vans and minibuses

Toyota has introduced a new generation of Hiace minibuses and vans in the Philippines. The model is intended for world markets. The last generation of the machine has been produced for 15 years.

In contrast to the previous generation of cars, made according to the beskapotnaya scheme, the novelty has a small hood – this is the so-called semi-condensed scheme .

At the heart of the machine – a completely new platform, made on the same principles with the modular architecture of TNGA. The latter is now used on most models of the concern Toyota – from the compact Corolla to the large executive sedan Lexus LS.

The new Toyota Hiace will be produced in the form of an all-metal van or minibus with up to seventeen seats. There are two body sizes: short-base (3210 millimeters) with a roof of normal height and long-base (3860 millimeters) with a raised roof.

Two engines will be offered: four-cylinder diesel 2.8 model 1GD and petrol V6 3.5 with direct injection of model 7GR.

The semicolumn layout itself is not new to the Hiace model. At the beginning of the two-thousandth Toyota in parallel produced two models under one name: the Hiace for the markets of Japan, Asia, the Middle East and also the semi-hood Hiace for Europe. However, the latter were sold in Japan: different versions were called Grand Hiace, Hiace Regius and Granvia.

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