Toyota head hints at Lexus business jet launch

Toyota head hints at Lexus business jet launch

September 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota may develop a business jet, which will be launched under the Lexus brand, following the luxury yacht. About this edition Cars Guide said the head of the Japanese automaker Akio Toeda.

“Toyota is trying to transform itself from a car company into a company that produces various types of vehicles. To increase the value of the Lexus brand, we must be on land, water and in the air, so the yacht was an idea that we really wanted to implement, ”said Toeda.

Recall that on Thursday, September 19, Lexus presented the final version of its first luxury ocean yacht called LY 650. The premiere took place in the American city of Boca Raton on the southeast coast of Florida, where the ship made its first voyage to the public.

A ship, the development of which took about two and a half years, can take on board 15 people. Lexus LY 650 equipped with a power plant with two 12.8-liter Volvo Penta IPS diesel engines, available in three stages of boost: 1050, 1200 and 1350 horsepower. The yacht with the most powerful units is capable of developing 31.4 knots, which is equivalent to 58.2 km per hour. The cost of new items amounted to $ 3.7 million.

As for the Lexus, it could be a luxury business jet that could compete with the HondaJet project. Honda began developing its own aircraft in the late 1990s, and the first flight of the HA-420 business jet took place in late 2003. At the moment, the company has produced about 130 aircraft worth more than $ 5 million.