Toyota has to withdraw more than 13,000 vehicles due to defects found

Toyota has to withdraw more than 13,000 vehicles due to defects found

December 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese brand will be forced to perform a forced maintenance of 13,048 vehicles entirely at its own expense due to a minor problem. Under the review came the model Toyota Corolla GLi, sold in China from March 19 to October 16 of this year.

Automobile reviews are a frequent practice of modern manufacturers, which allows to correct the found flaws on cars already sold. But we have to admit that thanks to the tendency towards maximum unification of cars of one concern, the reviews are becoming more ambitious. At this time, Toyota will have to carry out forced maintenance of 13,048 cars.

Under the review came the Toyota Corolla GLi 2018 release, sold from March 19 to October 16. The reason for the recall was a defect in the software control of the electronic control unit of the head optics. Errors occur when the vehicle is fully loaded. The automatic corrector may not work out the program correctly and start blinding oncoming traffic.

 Owners of recalled cars will be notified of the need to visit the nearest dealership station in person. It will also be possible to compare the VIN-code of your own car with the published list of codes, cars that came under review.

As part of the review, diagnostics, replacement of software or sensors will be carried out. All work solely at the expense of the manufacturer.

 In the meantime, the prices for the updated Toyota Prius hybrid have become known. The expensive version of the XLE received a minimum price tag of $ 29,740