Toyota has sold 15 million hybrids worldwide

Toyota has sold 15 million hybrids worldwide

May 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

About a fifth of them were sold in Europe.

Since the advent of the Prius in the late 1990s, Toyota has become one of the most well-known manufacturers of hybrid cars. And now, after just over two decades since the first cars on sale, the company reported 15 million sales of hybrid cars worldwide.

Almost a fifth (2.8 million) falls on Europe, where the UK is one of the leading markets for Toyota hybrid vehicles. As of the end of March of this year, the company brought more than 356,000 units to this stna. Hybrids currently make up two-thirds (66.1%) of all sales of new Toyota cars in the UK.

In Britain, Yaris recently became the brand’s best-selling hybrid model, ahead of the Prius in total winter sales. The company notes that the position of the car will be strengthened with the arrival of the brand new Yaris this year. Equipped with the latest fourth-generation Toyota hybrid electric system, the new model will provide “significantly” higher power emissions with zero emissions.

The decision to create hybrid vehicles was made only 25 years ago, when the team of Takeshi Utiyamada was tasked with developing a less polluting car for the 21st century. Prius debuted in 1997, although it only entered Europe in 2000. Toyota has now sold over 15 million cars, and the company estimates its products have saved 120 million tons of CO2 emissions compared to similar gasoline cars.

The company notes that hybrids (HEV) are a key part of the future global fleet, along with electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries (BEV), interchangeable hybrids (PHEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV). In Europe, the company plans to introduce 40 new or updated electrified vehicles by 2025, including “at least 10” zero-emission vehicles, which may be BEV or FCEV.

“Of course, we must work hard to improve battery performance and reduce costs [BEVs], which is what we are doing. But we should not have any plan until we overcome the obstacles associated with both BEV and FCEV. At the same time, we can contribute by continuing our work on HEV, ”said Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) CEO Shigeki Terashi.