Toyota has shown the interior of the future selfdriving car

Toyota has shown the interior of the future selfdriving car

December 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Boshoku has announced the premiere of the concept, which will give an idea about the interior of future cars with automatic control systems. The premiere of the novelty will be held in early January 2019 at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The interior, known as ACES (Active Comfort Engaging Space), is designed for use on machines with fourth-level autopilot. This means that the car can move in a completely autonomous mode, but the driver can take control if desired.

ACES received a holographic dashboard, steering wheel, and external cameras, which replaced the traditional side mirrors. A special system is used in the seats, which recognizes the features of the build and the most comfortable posture, which allows the seats and seat belts to automatically adjust individually for each passenger.

In addition, the mood-determining technology was used in the concept: the electronics are able to use a special relaxing light and turn on the aromatization of the air in the cabin to help get rid of stress. Finally, the novelty has received an advanced driver fatigue recognition system, which will apply vibrations and loud music to help motorists cheer up.

At CES, Toyota Boshoku will also show the Moox concept car (the name is derived from the words Mobile and Box), which is a fully autonomous city two-seater with a convertible saloon and a huge display of the infotainment complex.