Toyota has patented new names for future models

Toyota has patented new names for future models

September 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new names, which have been patented by the US Patent Office, will go to Lexus SUVs.

According to our foreign colleagues, we are talking about two new indices TX350 and TX500h. What models will try on the new names, unfortunately, is not reported. Auto experts speculate that future SUVs will receive them with the Lexus premium brand logo. The patented names themselves hint at this – they are built in the spirit of Lexus models.

Recall that the letter “X” in the family of models of the Japanese brand indicates that the car belongs to off-road vehicles, and the lowercase letter “h” denotes a hybrid version. It turns out that future novelties will receive a benzoelectric power unit.

The main one for it can serve as an improved V6 3.5 engine, the power of which the Japanese may well increase. The new TX350 cross is likely to replace the mid-size premium SUV GX.

According to unofficial information, the Japanese are preparing a seven-seater car with a monocoque body.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla has become the Suzuki Swace station wagon. The two Japanese brands are working under a partnership agreement, according to which they can use each other’s developments to expand their lineup.