Toyota has built its own Nurburgring with … a science center and polygons

Toyota has built its own Nurburgring with … a science center and polygons

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company allocated a plot of 650.8 hectares for a new research center with a highway similar to the “Green Hell” from the Nurburging. The new route is different from the original mountainous terrain and elevation drops up to 75 meters.

The Nurburgring Formula 1 track is now the most famous in wide circles of motorists. Official competitions on it are no longer held, but it is used as a track for amateur rides and for professional testing of new cars. Many world brands, including Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Toyota, regularly test their prototypes on this track.

 The press service of the Japanese brand announced the partial launch of the new research center oyota Technical Center Shimoyama. Within the framework of this complex, a route was built, very similar to the analogue from the Nurburgring. Differs track 75-meter height differences. This route makes good use of the geographical landscape.

 In the development of the route took more than 50 professional engineers and test pilots. It brings together almost all the most interesting sections, turns, inclined and straight, which are used on many tracks around the world.

In addition to a copy of the Nurburgring, there was a place in this research complex for off-road test sites, city roads, a drone test site, as well as a crash test bench and other tests. Full center launch is planned for 2023.

Meanwhile, Toyota will release a farewell version of the Mark X Final Edition. Production of the model will be stopped soon. The company decided to abandon the large sedans because of the catastrophic fall in demand in this segment.