Toyota GT86 installed an electric motor from Nissan Leaf

Toyota GT86 installed an electric motor from Nissan Leaf

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car has become not only greener, but also significantly faster

The owner of a Toyota GT86 sports car from Germany was faced with a rather common problem for the model – the need for a major overhaul of a two-liter aspirated. However, instead, he decided to completely replace the power plant with an electric motor from Nissan Leaf. What is most surprising, the car only benefited from this, and not only in the amount of harmful emissions, but also in dynamics.

The two-liter “four” has always been a weak point of the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ, but more often car fans changed the engine to the favorite of many Toyota 2JZ fans or the V8 LS series. But Philip Schuster decided to take a different path and installed a unit that has no cylinders at all in place of the broken engine – an electric motor from the 2014 Nissan Leaf.

Toyota GT86 with a factory power plant gained the first “hundred” in 7.6 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at around 233 kilometers per hour. Oddly enough, the transition from ICE to electric traction helped to fix this.

The electric version of the coupe accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in less than five seconds, but the maximum speed has slightly decreased to 215 kilometers per hour. Video from the first exit from the garage, as well as a detailed story about the construction process, Schuster published on his YouTube channel.

All 48 batteries from the 188-horsepower engine are located throughout the car: 16 of them are installed under the hood in place of the old engine, another 12 in place of the fuel tank, which the owner eliminated as unnecessary, and the remaining 20 are located in place of the spare wheel. At the same time, the owner kept the gearbox factory, six-speed manual gearbox.