Toyota fears becoming General Motors

Toyota fears becoming General Motors

September 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese manufacturer is afraid of becoming General Motors, because it is not interested in fully owning a large number of brands.

Nevertheless, modern trends take their toll. For a long time Toyota independently produced both passenger cars and commercial versions. Recently, however, it has teamed up with smaller companies in order to operate in niche segments. This is associated with high costs for the electrification of platforms and the development of autonomous systems.

It should also be noted that Toyota has repeatedly participated in the rescue of Japanese automobile companies. So, in 2009, when General Motors after the bankruptcy sold its share of shares in Subaru and Isuzu, Toyota acquired a stake in Fuji Heavy Industries. Now the company is officially renamed Subaru. Subsequently, they jointly developed the Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ. It was supposed that the Subaru Ascent would be built on the Highlander platform, which would mean a linear four and possibly a V-6, instead of a turbocharged four-cylinder turbocharged engine, but in the end Subaru developed its architecture.

However, Toyota does not seek to take over small companies and acquire a controlling stake. So, even in Suzuki Toyota will acquire only 4.8%, although it could buy 33.4% to get a controlling stake. Suzuki could help the company with the development of compact models, but Toyota owns Daihatsu, so it does not need help in the small segment.