Toyota established KINTO to provide subscription vehicles

Toyota established KINTO to provide subscription vehicles

February 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Today (February 5), Toyota announced the creation of a KINTO subsidiary. She will be engaged in the development of a new service – the provision of cars by subscription.

In recent years, in many countries, there has been a trend towards a gradual abandonment of personal vehicles: urban residents have increasingly chosen car sharing. Car subscription service will be something average between car sharing and own car.

In Japan, will present two types of new program. KINTO ONE will allow customers to choose one car and operate it for three years. The subscription to the KINTO SELECT will also be three years, but the user will be allowed to use six Lexus models (ES300h and IS300h sedans, crossovers UX250h, NX300h and RX450h, as well as the RC300h coupe).

Both KINTO programs are designed to make life easier for motorists: they do not have to worry about insurance, taxes, registration, and regular maintenance. You only need to make fixed monthly payments.

You can subscribe on the company’s website or at any Toyota / Lexus dealer. While the program will operate only in Japan. The official launch of KINTO ONE will take place on March 1, KINTO SELECT will be available from February 6.

The cost of the subscription will depend on the selected model. Operation Toyota Prius will cost 50-60 thousand yen. The most expensive car in the company’s lineup will be Crown – 97-106 thousand yen. The premium KINTO SELECT fee is twice as high – 194 thousand yen.