Toyota engineer built rear-wheel drive Celica with 4.3-liter V8

Toyota engineer built rear-wheel drive Celica with 4.3-liter V8

April 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota specialist decided to rethink the concept of the Celica coupe with front-wheel drive of the seventh generation.

  So, a Japanese automaker employee made a “2-door” rear-wheel drive, together with a full-time 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, installed a Lexus V8 power unit at 4.3 liters, equipped it with a suspension from the Supra model and strengthened the body.

Since Toyota specialist turned Celica into a sports car, all components of the modernized coupe are factory-made. Due to the appearance of the heavy 324-horsepower engine 3UZ-FE V8 under the hood, the curb weight has increased by approximately 200 kg.

 To balance the characteristics of the coupe with an 8-cylinder power plant, the engineer had to equip the car with a suspension from Supra, which allows you to adjust the clearance, more powerful brakes and larger 18-inch wheels from Lexus. Along with this, it is worth noting the appearance of a limited-slip differential at the rear. The Celica interior has become more luxurious: the factory seats have given way to new leather chairs.

According to a Japanese company engineer, despite the interference with the design, “all electronic systems are functioning properly,” and the installation of a powerful engine did not affect the environmental friendliness of the compartment: Celica complies with US emission standards.

 The owner of a custom car is ready to sell it. The cost of a rear-wheel drive coupe located in Texas is $ 29,000. For an additional charge of $ 4,000, the engineer is ready to adapt the manual transmission to the Celica.