Toyota electric car received a “lifetime” warranty on the battery

Toyota electric car received a “lifetime” warranty on the battery

June 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker guarantees the operation of the traction battery on its commercial Toyota ProAce Electric for 15 years or as part of a mileage of up to 1 million km, provided that the car is serviced by an authorized dealer.

Technically, Toyota ProAce Electric is an analogue of PSA’s single-volume vehicles – Peugeot e-Expert, Citroen e-Jumpy and Opel Vivaro-e. It was based on the EMP2 platform. At the same time, the model, like the European “brothers”, is driven exclusively by a 136-horsepower electric motor and traction batteries of 50 or 75 kW / h.

    Depending on the battery used and the length of the base, the range on one charge for all vans varies from 230 to 330 km, and the carrying capacity is 1-1.28 tons.

At the same time, batteries on French Peugeot and Citroen vans have a guarantee of only 8 years or 160 thousand kilometers. Therefore, apart from a marketing move, Toyota’s loud statement cannot be called a similar campaign with a guarantee of 10 years or 1 million kilometers previously only Lexus offered for the UX 300e electric crossover.

The company has not yet voiced the price list for its electric van. It is only known that in Europe the delivery of the model will start in October.