Toyota does not yet plan to completely switch to electric cars

Toyota does not yet plan to completely switch to electric cars

June 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker believes that it is too early to focus all resources only on battery cars. Toyota expects that cars with traditional engines will continue to occupy key positions in the global car market for some time.

This was reported by Automotive News. The publication refers to the comment of one of the leaders of the Japanese auto giant Shigeki Terashi. Toyota’s caution in shifting production to fully electric rails is understandable. Technologies in this area are still underdeveloped, and the market itself does not require as many electric cars as we are talking about today.

That is why the Japanese decided to develop several segments at once, without skewing in one direction or another. The complete conversion of cars to electricity is a number of important problems, according to the Japanese automaker. Mass production of batteries for electric cars now can not be established due to lack of the necessary components. And this is a completely different amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere: after all, the manufacture of batteries is a “dirty” production.

Another important point – not all buyers are ready to make a choice in favor of a fully electric car. Some will be scared away by underdeveloped infrastructure, and some will not be satisfied with the power reserve of the car.

That’s why Toyota decided to keep a reasonable balance. The brand will continue to produce cars with traditional motors, as well as hybrids, fuel cell cars and, of course, electric cars.

So far, the brand has only a concept electric SUV bZ4X. But by the end of the decade, the brand’s battery line will grow significantly.

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