Toyota decided not to give up sedans

Toyota decided not to give up sedans

August 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In recent years, many automakers are phasing out their once popular classic sedans to make way for new, more promising players in the SUV segment. Toyota has chosen its own path.

The Japanese automaker says demand for sedans is on the rise despite the growing popularity of crossovers and SUVs. That is why the brand is not going to abandon the “four-door”, planning to fight for this segment of the car market.

While most brands one by one announce the discontinuation of a particular sedan, Toyota saw the prospect of producing such cars. So, according to Cynthia Tenhouse, vice president of marketing for Toyota in the US, sales of sedans in the US market should reach the mark of about 4 million cars in 2020. In the absence of competitors, Toyota will take the lion’s share of the market – about 750,000 transactions.

In Toyota itself, it was calculated that in 2019 about a third of the owners of the brand’s sedans decided to buy again without changing the previously chosen body type.

The same Toyota Camry has not parted with the title of the most popular new passenger car among Americans for 18 years. Even the coronavirus pandemic, which significantly crippled the entire car market as a whole, did not affect the growing popularity of this model.