Toyota criticized electric cars

Toyota criticized electric cars

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota’s Canadian representative office explained why electric cars are worse than hybrids and explained the latter’s objective advantage in environmental matters.

The company talked about the intricacies of the production of both types of electrified cars. So, the representative of the Japanese brand Larry Hutchinson explained that for the manufacturer, making models on 100 percent electric traction is a less rational and rather non-environmental process.

So, Hutchinson said that instead of creating a lithium-ion battery for an electric car (average capacity 60 kWh), it is possible to produce 1.4 kWh batteries for 42 hybrid Toyota Prius. Without a doubt, a more effective approach. Speaking of the harmful effects on the environment, such a number of Toyota hybrid will make approximately the same “contribution” (apparently, taking into account recycling), as 12 exclusively electric cars.

Moreover, the manager of the Canadian division recalled that hybrids are cheaper and much more convenient in everyday use. Indeed, in the case of the presence of ICE, the owner does not have to worry about the power reserve of his car.

Toyota’s opinion on this subject is quite authoritative, because the Japanese company is the most environmentally friendly automaker in the world. This applies not only to the model range, where there are many hybrids, which, according to the company, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 30%, but also production processes.

This is important, because it is no secret that the manufacture of electric vehicles is an environmentally harmful event. In the production of engines with internal combustion engines are much safer. Apparently, while the company does not intend to abandon its strategy.