Toyota creates new company to develop autonomous systems

Toyota creates new company to develop autonomous systems

July 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development, Inc. – announced the expansion and improvement of its activities through the creation of Woven Planet Holdings and two new operating companies: Woven CORE and Woven Alpha.

Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development, Inc. (“TRI-AD”) announced today that from January 2021 it will expand its operations to a holding company and two operating companies. The holding will be named Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. (“Woven Planet Holdings”), and Woven CORE, Inc. will become its two operating companies. (“Woven CORE”), which will develop, implement and scale automated driving technologies, and Wowen Alpha, Inc. (“Woven Alpha”), which will explore new business opportunities and innovate projects beyond today’s Toyota Motor, such as Woven City, Arene and the Automated Mapping Platform.

Arene is an open platform developed by TRI-AD for building programmable cars. It includes the elements and APIs required to ensure vehicle safety. It also allows developers and OEMs to quickly update their software while maintaining a high level of security. In turn, AMP is an open software platform that allows companies to create and distribute highly accurate maps, as well as exchange vehicle data with autonomous driving systems.

As a reminder, TRI-AD was founded in March 2018 in Tokyo, Japan to provide fully integrated software for automated driving systems. TRI-AD’s concept is “Mobility for Love, Safety for Life” and its mission is to create world-class technology and secure mobile products for the whole world.

Over the past two years, TRI-AD has made significant strides in realizing its vision and mission, including developing the latest cutting-edge driving assistance technology called Teammate, based on the Mobility Teammate Concept. TRI-AD is currently embarking on the next phase of its evolution to ensure mobility (including mobility of people, goods and information) for all, and for this it is necessary to expand and improve the company’s activities.