Toyota Corolla takes the lead in the Japanese market

Toyota Corolla takes the lead in the Japanese market

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation demonstrates high demand in their homeland: the model comes first with a noticeable margin from everyone. Among them, however, there are very few competitors: 9 out of 10 places in the Top 10 in October belong to Toyota.

After several months, during which the first place belonged to Toyota Sienta, a change of leader takes place in Japan. Now this is Toyota Corolla – in October it was sold in the amount of 11,190 cars, which is 129% of last October. The second place at Toyota Sienta – 9 302 units. Toyota Roomy closes the three – 6,962. Thus, in the first three in recent months there has been a complete change in composition – there are no more Prius, Aqua and Nissan Note.

Toyota Prius moves to fourth place with a score of 6,898 cars. It is worth noting that only a few dozen units separate it from entering the top three. Toyota Tank (5,420), which is the technical twin of the Roomy model in third place, is in fifth place.

In sixth place, the only representative of Nissan in the Top 10, and indeed any brand other than Toyota, is Nissan Note, its result is 5,263 cars.

The appearance of Toyota Alphard in seventh place (5,130) was unexpected, and Toyota Aqua (4,967), Voxy (4,394) and Vitz (4,383) took places from eighth to tenth. The worst performance is demonstrated by the recent sales leader – the Aqua hybrid. The current figure is less than 48% of last October.

In general, October was not the most productive in terms of volumes of cars sold, but it presented several surprises in terms of how the seats were distributed. The intrigue, however, is still absent in the key-car segment, where the Honda N-BOX continues to dominate (15,768). Suzuki Spacia (12,433) took second place, and Daihatsu Tanto (10,171) came in third.