Toyota Corolla GR Sport is a taste of the future

Toyota Corolla GR Sport is a taste of the future

February 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

But if you are counting on a compact “lighter”, then you will have to be disappointed. The GR Sport line is an entry level sports car with a beautiful and stylish design.

The Japanese brand has decided to actively develop the range of “sports” cars, offering these or other options for all their models. The next step was the Corolla hatchback, which will receive a “charged” version of the GR Sport. In accordance with the Gazoo Racing line, announced back in September 2017, this is the entry-level version of the Toyota sports car family, which also includes the average GR tuning and the top GRMN options.

That is, we are preparing a basic version of the sports version, which will almost correspond to the lines of the Toyota R-Line, GT-Line or ST-Line. So, apart from a small design update towards an aggressive look and a greater “sportiness” in the image, we will get nothing. Under the hood will be offered the usual 1.8-and 2.0-liter engines with the possibility of electrification in hybrid versions. Together with them will be offered an automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

But in defense it is worth noting that the Corolla GR Sport is equipped with exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels, LED optics and factory tinted. The car will be on sale only in January 2020.