Toyota Corolla Apex spotted during advertising shoot

Toyota Corolla Apex spotted during advertising shoot

April 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A sportier version of the best-selling small car was spotted in Australia. This isn’t about the Toyota GR Corolla rally hot hatch, which is unlikely to debut until 2023.

While Toyota is working on the top-of-the-line GR version of the world’s best-selling car, conceptually similar to its turbocharged four-wheel drive Yaris, a Toyota Corolla Apex was spotted south of Sydney during a promotional video.

The Apex is an attractive version of the Corolla sedan with a redesigned and lowered suspension, some cosmetic changes on the outside and inside, but the same 170bhp 2.0-liter engine found in every other (non-hybrid) Corolla model found in sale. This variant was brought for sale in the United States in a limited edition of 6,000 units, with a 6-speed manual or automatic CVT transmission.

According to Toyota, the model will not be sold in the US given the imminent arrival of a much more promising GR hatchback. Instead, the local Toyota division focused on the Corolla hatchback as the sportier (and better-selling) body style in the lineup. While the sedan is available with the same gasoline and hybrid powertrains, it is geared more towards fleets and efficiency-conscious buyers.

In the case of the Corolla Apex, the hatchback was filmed for a North American television commercial. The reason the film crew chose Australia is because it is a virtually COVID-free environment and all manufacturing costs are good value for money, not to mention the stunning coastal scenery between Sydney and Wollongong, where NSW police held back traffic. so that Americans can drive freely in the oncoming lane.